Who funds who?

Search over 240,000 UK grants using GrantNav powered by 360 giving data a consortium of grant makers committed to transparency

We took a tonne of grant data, converted it to the 360 giving open standard and made it searchable.  It’s our first experiment with 360giving open data. There are loads of gaps, so please add your data, join our movement for more transparency, tell us what’s missing and help make it better.

The more we know, the better grants we can make.

This is an beta-release demonstrator and could contain errors.

Grant search

This data is provided by grant makers and comes with no guarantees. The FAQ explains why there are gaps in it and where it is sourced from.  This is our first experiment in using 360giving open data you are welcome to use it on that basis.

Download All Data (CSV file of all grants. gzip, 27.6 MB)


Who funds Who?
the overlap between funders